Current work: Secret Neighbor

Six month ago guys from Hologryph approached me with proposal to work with them on a game for Tiny Build. I did have some knowledge about the project already, because of my friend who has already been a part of a team. Turned out the game idea was interesting and fun to play. I would say mix of Secret Hitler and Hello Neighbor Universe.

I was invited as networking engineer. Though I occasionally do UI and gameplay programming too, as we have interdependent engineering team structure.

A week ago we provided few streamers with game keys. Here is a link to one of the videos on youtube.

Under the hood

We're building client using Unity and Photon Engine with peer-to-peer networking model. It applies side-effects like heavily relying on one of the clients for some networked actions, ease of network system hacking, not precise synchronization between clients in some cases (we rely on client-side prediction and often provide no final position / rotation checking). But overall it's suitable for such game, where exact coordinates of landing object is not so important as it would be in CS:GO for example.

Working in a team

I was solo developer for the last two years. Though was a good experience, I would say it's better when you're working with other software developers on the same project. It's great to share ideas, especially when other engineers are willing to listen to you. I mean there are situations when people don't want to provide you with enough attention to certain project details at certain stage because of strict deadlines. Understandable. But usually in a team you get feedback on your code and architecture decisions, which helps you grow faster than you would grow writing software alone.